Sunday, January 24, 2010

Make Lemonade

Make Lemonade by Virginia Euwer Wolff is a beautiful little novel.

(Spoilers... sort of...)

This book is a story of the human spirit. Sometimes we live our lives half-way; we go to work unengaged... not really caring whether we are great at it, we wash the dishes but never dry them, we don't bother to make the bed, we turn the TV on for lack of a better thing to do, we allow the center of our lives to be something insignificant. In Make Lemonade, LaVaughn tells us of her encounter with someone who is chronically living half-way: Jolly. Jolly is seventeen, has two babies under the age of three, and has no income. It takes the influence of fourteen-year-old LaVaughn for Jolly to start changing. LaVaughn has big goals and takes the babysitting job to help her save for college. Under LaVaughn's influence Jolly goes back to school and starts take control of her life.

This story is one about making the best of things, but also about making things better. Nothing can change unless you make it change. Jolly had to get to the bottom before she would allow change in her life, but when she put her mind to it she took hold of her life and made it better. The truth is, we all can do that if we want. We are totally capable. There is always hope, always a way.

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