Monday, February 22, 2010

Zombie Love and The Underland

Okay, it has been a long time. In the time while I've been gone I've started a couple of books- The Blue Shoe, a book that made me instantly want to read it aloud, and When the Whistle Blows. Also, I need to read Wintergirls. So, I'm working on those.

And I've finished Generation Dead by Daniel Waters and will now give you a quick review:

I liked it. It reminded me of Twilight- except with zombies and a bit more interesting. Just a typical human girl falls for paranormal-creature-boy all while juggling high school kind of story. I thought the end was particularly well plotted and once I was done reading I really wanted to know what happened next. However, I wont be reading the sequel... so take that as you will, readers.

I've also had the time to visit the Underland three times. I never set a rule for audio books, as far as my count for this year. I've just made the decision to add them to the list; they take time to listen to (sometimes more than it would take to read the book itself) and are an important part of library collections. It will be good for me to be able to recommend audio books, just like I would regular books. So, any story I get to experience this year will be counted.

(The Underland Chronicles are kind of old news, but I'm going to talk about them anyway.)

I've now listened to Gregor the Overlander, Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane, and Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods written by Suzanne Collins. I LOVE these books! I also really enjoy the audio productions- I get taken to the Underland and it is a relief to just listen sometimes. Paul Boehmer is an excellent narrator, giving believable voices to each of the characters. My favorite character voice is Mareth's- it's booming, joyful, and prefect.

The Underland Chronicles are about so much more than just a lost eleven year old boy (I guess I should have expected that from the author of The Hunger Games). Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods, for example, is a interesting and thoughtful look at the consequences of biological warfare.

I highly recommend The Underland Chronicles, particularly to readers who enjoyed Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and The Hunger Games.

As far as blogging during the rest of February and March, I can't promise much. I've got The Dreaded Test until the first week of March and then I'm heading off to the PLA Conference in Portland!

So, until then tell me what you're reading and how you feel about it!

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  1. Awesome post. I didn't know you blogged. You see? This is why Twitter rocks.

    I've Read FLESH AND FIRE by Laura Ann Gilman. This was such a unique concept. It's a fantasy where the mages use wine to cast spells. The only way it would be better is if they used beer, because as far as I'm concerned Guiness is already magical.

    Right now, I'm reading STIRRING UP STRIFE by Jennifer Stanley, which I recommend to anyone who is in a Bible study, or solves murders mysteries, or is a chick.