Sunday, May 16, 2010

White Cat by Holly Black, or Why Twitter is Awesome

A long time ago I finished White Cat by Holly Black. I haven't discussed it here, because- honestly- everything else comes before this blog, it seems.

White Cat is an excellent book. I hadn't read anything else by Holly Black, but her new book has put her on my favorite authors list. It is one of the best things I've read so far this year.

And yes, it's paranormal. I thought I was tired of all that.

Cassel is just a normal guy. If by normal you mean that he is the only non-worker in a family of them and you know, being a worker is illegal... so he's really just the normal kid in a family of criminals. And he once killed a girl. Oh, not just any girl, the daughter of one of the most powerful workers in the country. So yeah, when he starts having dreams about a mysterious white cat and sleep walking, it's just another day in his normal life.

That's all I'll say about the plot.

And now onto the awesome of twitter!

While reading White Cat (I had an ARC copy, so I read it about a month before it came out) I tweeted this:

"Whoa. I just finished chapter 7 in White Cat by @hollyblack. Critical, gasp worthy plot elements just occurred! Must keep reading!"

And Holly Black replied:

"@RachReads muahahaha."

Which I thought was amazing and hilarious.

Then I tweeted this:

Just finished @hollyblack's White Cat. Comes out in May. Everyone- read. this. book."

Which I truly mean. You, reader of this blog, should read White Cat.

And the wonderful Holly Black said:

@RachReads thank you so much for the kind words!!"

So, people, why is Twitter awesome (and WAY better than Facebook)?

Because it connects you with people you would have never been connected with otherwise, and also, you know, your friends. Without Twitter Holly Black would have never been able to see my enthusiasm for her new book, and I wouldn't have heard back from her. How cool is it that we can connect so directly with authors?!

Also, I've found that the authors I follow on Twitter are the most entertaining people I follow. And they've become my favorite authors. So, go now and get yourself a Twitter account. And read White Cat. You really don't know what you are missing.